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Long Island glass

We are a fully equipped rental facility for pre-existing Glass Blower’s to rent torch time , with use of kiln and other necessary equipment. 

Our attached gallery host available work from many of the talented artist that have created art within our studio walls 

Gift certificates for glassblowing lessons or glass art from our gallery available

A studio to Learn, Create and Share the passion for the Art of Borosilicate Torch Working. We offer Classes At all Levels, beginner group classes or one on one privet lessons. Work shops with guest artist from around the world or to book your own experience.

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Longislandglass is a glassblowing school and  a rental facility to teach and curate the art of glass working. We hold classes of all sizes from intro to master. As well as our accomplished team of glass blowers , we also host guest artists from around the country to hold seminars classes and workshops in their various techniques and experiences in the field. We pride ourselves in facilitating a nurturing environment for any level of artist to excel.

Long Island glass  was established and created from a passion for the Underground art of functioning glass,  which has held a stigma of illegitimacy due to the underground culture of glass pipe making However pipe makers early learned that making a product that has a retail value and practical application in a every day scenario would  fuel experimentation imagination an application in which never would’ve been attempted without the resources and environment to do so. This has paved  the way for techniques and innovations all across the board from one end of the spectrum to the other. Reaching industries From food production ,medical instruments, lighting ,fashions , Scientific development and research, architectural design and of course sculpture and many other  forms of art.  Our founders Brian Gonzalez and Joseph Pecoraro have been Vending glass art  and doing live glassblowing demonstrations all across the island for well over a decade. Together they noticed the immense interest and fascination in which they decided to feed and grow. With a passion to overcome the archaic views of art in practical application

Over the years we’ve hosted many informative events and opened up the perspective of the culture to the community

This has afforded us the opportunity to do many many collaborations in and out of our field using glass as a vehicle to push science, innovation and application.  

We’ve hosted art shows at the studio  by artist from all over the country.  Created  props for television and movies participated in art  shows nationwide. We produce medical dispensing devices in which we ship all over the world.  We have had many stories and shout outs in National magazines as well as local papers and on  local news channels. But 

the most amazing outcome of our endeavor has been to watch young artists from all ages and backgrounds grow and  strive using the initiative / Techs and Scientific principles and immersive environment we’ve given them to hone and create there unique visions. When people ask us what we Are  most proud of making The answer is extremely simple to us , "we make glass blowers". The objects we create and distribute all over the world are  secondary to the real passion of pushing people to innovate. 

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